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with the robust flavor and benefits of organic ginger root in SWEET GINGER BROWNE Mixer ~ Elixir.

About Us

After tasting a house-made ginger ale sourced from the raw root, our founder Ebony says she could never go back to a canned or bottled ginger ale. She began experiementing to recreate her tasting experience. After sharing her creation with coworkers and friends, she was encouraged to sell her plant-based, ginger simple syrups. 

Today, SWEET GINGER BROWNE Mixer ~ Elixir offers you bold, robust ginger spice in a line of delicious ginger mixers! Our products are made in small batches using all-natural and organic ingredients. We extract maximum flavor from our organically grown ginger root, so you can savor the spice in every sip. When you experience our refreshing flavors in your own cocktails and nonalcoholic drinks, you will understand our pride and passion! 

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About Us

Would you like to learn more about our origin and how our love of ginger has cultivated delicious mixers and food products?

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It’s evident that a lot of love and effort has been poured into creating the perfect spicy ginger ale concoction.     A craft ginger ale of this caliber stands alone, but is also perfectly paired with whiskey or rum.

Kate M.

This Ginger drink was delicious! What I most enjoyed is the many ways you can incorporate this product into different recipes. The possibilities are endless! The quality is exceptional and the authentic ginger shines through!!!

Lavern P.

This product was very refreshing! I’m a lover of ginger and it gave me that ginger boost I needed in a flavorful organic beverage. Job well done!

Jennifer P.

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